Wendy K. Williamson
Consistently Inconsistent Bipolar Author

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“Listen to what they say.
These chicks have come up with every rule
to save your life as you know it.” 
-  Dr. Jay Carter, Psy.D, Best-selling author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Bipolar Disorder

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Just as a photographer might shoot a photo through a colored lens, Wendy Williamson skillfully
holds up the filter of mania and depression for her reader to peer through. 
With heart-wrenching honesty and humor, she shows the effects of bipolar disorder on the mind,
body and soul of those who suffer from it.  Despite Wendy’s struggles,
this is a not a book that brings the reader down, rather a road map for wellness and a
vastly informative, yet entertaining, guided tour of bipolar disorder for those who don’t understand it. 
With her perceptive self-awareness, the author is equal parts comedienne and educator,
and she tells the unbelievable highs and lows of her story with a clear, grounded candor